Providing tools for staff

A clear signal to staff that we are committed to improving the staff experience is the significant focus we placed on fixing system irritants. In 2015–16, we rolled out changes that make it easier for staff to do their job and deliver an improved experience for clients.

Some 16,000 staff who use Siebel, our client relationship and case management system, are now enjoying an improved experience as a result of upgrades, including a technical upgrade and a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. We also introduced new tools to enable staff to quickly and effectively search through over 100 million documents and case notes, delivering more consistent decision making, reduced case times and improved advice and educational services.

During 2015–16, telepresence technology was rolled out across all ATO sites, with 204 desktop units, and 38 units in meeting rooms. The telepresence rooms provide staff with access to high definition video conferencing technology, making it easier for them to connect and collaborate across sites, as well as providing the flexibility to join a telepresence meeting by phone.

We implemented a virtual desktop platform that allows staff to remotely connect to ATO systems, providing staff with greater reliability and flexibility in their working arrangements.