Culture and leadership program

The culture and leadership program of work has been planned to ensure initiatives and campaigns are rolled out logically and for maximum impact. During 2015–16, the focus has been on embedding and enabling cultural change through a contemporary communications and engagement plan, designed to raise awareness, inspire and engage our people.

We continued the 'What does this mean to you' campaign, which invited staff and leaders to share their ideas about what our traits mean. ATO staff and leaders helped us to explain what we mean when we say: client focused, united and connected, empowered and trusted, future oriented, and passionate and committed.

Throughout the year, we reinforced the behaviour we expect through a new peer recognition scheme, the Kudos Files, an online tool designed to help staff recognise the behaviour that is bringing our culture to life. There were over 2,900 individual Kudos posts and over 55,000 views of the Kudos page.

We also implemented the staff Exploration Day and Fix-it Squad initiative to encourage ownership of purposeful ideas for business improvement, building solutions thinking and reducing a 'silo mentality', by creating opportunities for cross-functional teams to collaborate and shares ideas and insights. Staff in Brisbane, Perth and Tasmania participated in the initiative. Cross-disciplinary teams worked to identify root causes, before bringing together new models and possibilities into a coherent solution.