Internal processes

Complementing the government's priority to reduce the burden of red tape on business, the ATO is also reviewing internal processes. We are questioning what we do and why, focusing on outcome over process, and rethinking the balance between risk and reward.

Success in this is highly dependent on cultural change across the organisation, as the initiatives rely on the participation of those who own and experience the processes being evaluated.

In 2015–16, the focus on internal red tape has seen a 49% decrease in internal instructional documentation as we have simplified our internal procedures, streamlined approval processes, and pushed decision-making to the right levels.

The ATO’s recruitment processes were also simplified. The most critical changes included a streamlined candidate information kit. Candidates no longer have to write multiple-page responses to selection criteria. Instead they can upload a CV and a short statement (500–750 words) outlining why they are the best person for the job.