Indicators of willing participation

Compliance with tax and superannuation obligations involves correctly registering in the system, lodging tax information on time, reporting complete and accurate information and paying tax obligations on time.

We are confident that almost all public businesses and multinationals who should be registered in the system are registered.

There has been a steady and sustained increase in on-time lodgment of income tax returns by all types of business entities over recent years. This has been achieved through our more effective early engagement and ‘prevention before correction’ approaches.

Tax transparency, as an emerging key focus area for government and tax authorities globally, and our own efforts to engage earlier with larger taxpayers has resulted in more complete and accurate information being provided to the ATO. Sophisticated data analytics and risk modelling tools also help identify and review returns that may contain incorrect or incomplete information.

The majority of larger taxpayers pay the right amount of tax at the right time and we have continued to support them to make it easier for them to comply. Where we have seen tax avoidance, we have taken firm action against both domestic and multinational taxpayers alike to ensure that they are paying the right amount of tax at the right time.