During 2015–16, 21 people were sentenced for serious criminal matters. Sentences ranged from four to 87 months. Reparation orders of around $4.5 million were also made.

The ATO prosecutes a range of matters relating to tax administration offences itself, including non-compliance with lodgment obligations, making false or misleading claims on ATO forms, keeping false records and failing to respond to questions when required to do so. In 2015–16, we prosecuted over 1,300 individuals and 400 companies. Of those cases, around 880 related to GST, and 1,030 to income tax. Fines, costs and reparation orders totalling over $11.6 million were imposed.

Countering offshore arrangements designed to avoid Australian tax obligations

The ATO continues to target offshore arrangements that are designed to enable people to avoid Australian tax obligations.

We are collaborating with our international and domestic partners to share intelligence and information targeting promoters who facilitate tax evasion. By 30 June 2016, Project DO IT, our offshore income and asset disclosure initiative, had resulted in around $6.5 billion in assets declared and around $676 million in omitted income disclosed, raising over $265 million in liabilities and over $260 million in collections.

In addition, we estimate that the impact of these taxpayers resolving their offshore tax issues resulted in a further $135 million in tax being voluntarily paid, of which $69 million relates to the 2014–15 income year. We anticipate the benefits of the initiative will continue in future years.