Structures and arrangements

The ATO is structured into five groups:

  • Client Engagement Group – focuses on the importance of quality relationships in shaping future compliance. The group delivers support, assistance and advice services to assist people to participate in the tax and superannuation systems and to comply with their obligations. The group also plays an important role in building community confidence in the fairness and transparency of the tax and superannuation systems by identifying potential instances of non-compliance and assuring that the right amount of tax has been paid, at the right time.
  • Corporate and Enabling Services Group – delivers critical services to our internal and external audiences through a wide range of activities, including finance, governance and people management. We have a strong focus on strengthening our contribution to the whole-of-government efficiency agenda, including the Shared and Common Services Program, which will see the ATO provide a range of corporate services to other government organisations.
  • Law Design and Practice Group – exists to make tax fair, simple and understood, so that taxpayers are able to comply with their obligations knowingly and voluntarily. As stewards of the tax and superannuation systems, the group ensures that the design, application and operation of the law and administrative frameworks are robust, user-centred and drive effective outcomes.
  • Service Delivery and Business Reporting and Registrations Group – provides a link with the community via contact centres, debt management, registrations and processing. There is a strong focus on establishing more contemporary digital services. This group is also responsible for the Australian Business Register (ABR) and Standard Business Reporting (SBR).
  • Enterprise Solutions and Technology Group – designs, builds, tests and maintains systems and infrastructure.

This organisational structure came into effect on 2 May 2016 and was designed to help us deliver more contemporary and responsive services to the community.

See our organisational structure for more information.