Operating expense budget

The ATO began 2015–16 with an operating expense budget of $3.44 billion. During the year, our funding changed as a result of government decisions, including an increase of $40.3 million (which included $25.8 million for Single Touch Payroll and $9.5 million for Reducing red tape).

FIGURE 3.5 Operating expenditure, 2015–16

FIGURE 3.2 Top complaint issues, 2015–16
Property 7.9%
Consultants and contractors 5.6%
Depreciation 5.1 %
other 3.5%
Bank fees and collection charges 2.0%
Printing, postage and office operations 1.9%
Payment to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service for tax administration services 1.6%
legal costs 1.5%
Travel 0.9%