Senior executive remuneration

The Remuneration Tribunal sets remuneration and conditions for the Commissioner, while the Commissioner determines the remuneration for Second Commissioners within a framework set by the Tribunal.

The Commissioner determines conditions for SES based on advice from the ATO Remuneration Committee. Remuneration for these senior executives is aligned with the annual remuneration survey conducted by the Australian Public Service Commission.

Total remuneration for our SES includes a notional component for the provision of a motor vehicle and parking, and for superannuation calculated at 15.4% of 101% of base salary. In 2015–16, the salary ranges were:

  • SES Band 1: $166,609 to $196,957 (notional total remuneration $223,490 to $258,559)
  • SES Band 2: $216,796 to $248,966 (notional total remuneration $282,742 to $319,915)
  • SES Band 3: $282,095 to $323,767 (notional total remuneration $359,456 to $407,610)